5 Reasons Companies Choose Contract Workers

Contract workers are becoming the new employment model for many companies.Many companies and government agencies choose this type of employee based on a number of factors. Don’t buy into the belief that it is always because contract workers are cheaper. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Pharmaceutical Industry has turned to this type of employee with much success. While it is true that many job seekers would prefer a permanent commitment from the employer economic conditions dictate otherwise.

We find that many professionals who were downsized over the last six years once thought their jobs were permanent jobs. The reality is the definition for permanent has forever changed as companies big and small are looking for ways to be flexible and competitive.

Contract Workers Offer Flexibility

This flexibility is dictated by market conditions, sales and other business related factors. We find job seekers embrace the opportunity to work on projects that may start off as six month assignments but end up becoming five year assignments. They enjoy the flexibility that contract assignments offer them.

The Business Advantage

So why do some companies turn to contract employees? Let’s take a look at our five most popular reasons:

  1. Employee Evaluation. Sometimes the employer chooses a candidate who turns out to be the wrong choice. Using a contract worker now allows you to continue your search in an effort to make the right hiring decision
  2. Flexibility. Many companies have projects, seasonal, marketing or competitive periods where it is beneficial to ramp up your team. During these periods where business reasons dictate a need to increase your staff the contract employee is ideal.
  3. Cost. Sprint™, IBM™, Merck™, U.S. Government and scores of large and small companies utilize contract workers. Some smaller companies view the expense of a contract employee differently than larger companies. If they don’t most likely the employee will not take the assignment. The staffing company usually will charge a fee (expressed as a percentage either hourly or monthly) for this employees services. These fees include assuming the payroll for the employee including all of the taxes, workmen’s compensation, FICA, state and local taxes and in some cases offering healthcare benefits.
  4.  Turnkey. You can focus on what you do best and let the staffing company post the job, write the job description, screen resumes, interview, candidate selection, background checks, drug screens and reference checks. The time it takes for you to assume these responsibilities is time that you can spend on generating revenue.
  5. Increased revenue. Looking to increase your company’s revenue? This is how you do it. Bring on contract employees to help you impact your bottom line.

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