A Guide: From New Grad to the Dental Office

A Guide: From New Grad to the Dental Office | The AGA Group

When making the transition from dental school to working in a dental office, there’s always a learning curve. There’s no doubt that school is always different than a work environment, and preparing yourself for the main differences will help you navigate your new professional life. Here are some of our best tips for making the transition from dental school to employment in the dental field.

How Can a New Grad Guide Themselves from Graduation to a Dental Office

Embrace an open mind.

Even though you’ve recently had an in-depth education, it’s critical to enter the workplace with an open mind to learn more. In any dental office setting, you’ll be exposed to many seasoned professionals who can become valuable mentors. From learning new techniques to best patient care practices, being open to acquiring new knowledge and skills on the job will be instrumental to your career growth.

Take the initiative.

Rather than sit back and wait to take on new responsibilities, your career success in the workforce will heavily depend on your ability to take initiative. Finding opportunities to contribute to your dental office and be of greater value to your team will pay off over time. For instance, consider taking the lead on ordering supplies; assisting with organizing a patient appreciation event; or simply lending a hand where it’s needed most. Taking on tasks that may be outside the scope of your job description will show your practice’s leadership team that you’re committed to going the extra mile and advancing yourself.

Focus on workplace culture.

As you forge your career path in the dental industry, making workplace culture a top priority in your job search can help immensely. Because your work environment will play such a major role in your job satisfaction, it’s important to explore dental offices that align with your core values in terms of patient care and teamwork. If you’re unhappy with the culture and management practices at your current office, it may be time to find a new employer.

While the transition from dental school to employment is not always easy, following the tips above can ease your stress and help you acclimate to your new surroundings.

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