How to Develop a Talent Pipeline for Your Dental Practice

How to Develop a Talent Pipeline for Your Dental Practice | The AGA Group

Has hiring been a major challenge for your dental practice? With many dental employers fighting for the best talent on the market, practices must refine their recruitment strategies to improve hiring outcomes. Here are some core strategies for developing a strong talent pipeline for your dental practice: How Can You Develop a Talent Pipeline at… Read more »

How to Know if You’ve Found the Right Employee

If hiring and retention has been a challenge at your dental practice, it may be time to reassess the qualities you prioritize in employees. The best employees are often defined not just by their technical abilities, but by their soft skills and willingness to work with others in achieving common goals. As a hiring manager,… Read more »

Effective Methods for Resolving Staffing Shortages in Your Kansas City Dental Practice

Effective Methods for Resolving Staffing Shortages in Your Kansas City Dental Practice | The AGA Group

For dental practices, staffing shortages can significantly impact business. It can affect the quality of patient care, practice efficiency, and overall profitability. There are effective methods that can help you resolve staffing shortages in your Kansas City dental practice. The techniques we discuss are not just to-do items to check off on a list. They… Read more »

Let’s Talk Before You Quit Your Job

Puzzle showing skills and tools needed in writing your resume

Let’s talk before you quit your job. You’re not alone, we’ve all thought about quitting our jobs before. Surveys show that anywhere from a quarter to more than half of employees are planning to look for a new job post-pandemic. But how can you be sure if it’s really time to leave?  Here are three… Read more »

How To Prepare For A Phone Interview

Understanding how to prepare for a phone interview is extremely important. The phone interview oftentimes determines whether you are granted a face to face interview with the hiring company. So it is critical that you put in the necessary time to prepare. Ideally, you should be in a room that is quiet where you can… Read more »

Understanding the Gig Economy

Hearing the term Gig Economy recently caught my attention. I hadn’t given much thought to it but it is a big part of what we do as consultants in the employment agency industry. Where did this word gig originate? Musicians refer to their paid performances as gigs and really cool people refer to their temporary… Read more »

Out Of Work Longer Than 60 Days? Keep Reading

Out of work longer than 60 days can be a problem for in-demand professionals. The latest unemployment numbers show an economy that is doing great and more people are working than at any other time in U.S. history. So you are going to have to be prepared to address in an interview why you haven’t… Read more »

How To Move Past A Company Downsizing

How to move past a company downsizing is a hot topic in the work world. Like the saying goes “Life happens“. A relevant topic today is corporate downsizing and mergers or as companies refer to it as “right-sizing”. Oftentimes talented and experienced professionals find themselves in a position of unplanned unemployment. It is important to… Read more »

Now you see them and then…they disappear

Magicians love to make people disappear and this is entertaining to watch. But when new hires and job candidates disappear without any notice it becomes a problem. In the recruiting business, this is referred to as “ghosting”. So I decided to use Merriam Websters [guess I could have used Wikileaks or the Urban dictionary] definition of the… Read more »

Job Openings But Not Enough Qualified Applicants

Not long ago this sign created excitement with the steady stream of resumes flooding desks of HR departments across the country. How quickly time and conditions can change in the job market. But this time it is changing for the good. With a robust economy and jobs growth, we are seeing unemployment numbers of which… Read more »