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Companies and hiring managers are requesting our Medical Staffing Services

Save time and Money

  • Reduce the need to use costly national job boards
  • Search for candidates in the convenience of your office.
  • No need for you to review hundreds of profiles; you have trusted us in the past to identify the very best candidates for your company so there is no guesswork on your part.
  • Our Talent Showacase® can serve as your ready pool of qualified talent
  • Talent Showcase® is updated weekly.

We take the stress out of the candidate selection process

  • To save you time and shorten the hiring process our candidates have been screened, interviewed and personal references have been verified
  • As an employer, there is no fee for you to request a quote for our candidates or to review their resumes.
  • As your recruiter, we know the types of jobs and candidates you want to have on your team.
  • We only submit candidates who are currently in the job market. Please note that many of our candidates prefer to have their job search confidential.
  • Once you have reviewed the candidate’s resume just give us a call to either have the candidate start to work or in-person interview.
  • We will call you before the end of the business day.

In today’s candidate-driven market, it’s imperative that companies have various methods of sourcing at their fingertips. 

When companies partner with The AGA Group™ you can relax knowing that we will provide solutions to the challenges we know that are important to you. Your time is valuable and a well-staffed company affords you a competitive advantage and is a key business driver.

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