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The AGA Group™ provides Professional Employer Organization services to our industry clients. These services serve to mitigate your risk of being the employer of record. With employee turnover at an all-time high, it becomes costly to have an employee leave your company. Even if they are not a good fit hiring them really costs you in areas other than their compensation. By working closely with you, we understand the challenges of retaining a productive workforce while controlling costs and remaining profitable. One of the greatest concerns of a business owner is retaining top talent while also minimizing turnover. The AGA Group™ mitigates this risk by assuming the employer’s role for one employee or an entire department. As a PEO our goal is to assume payroll, insurance, workers comp and unemployment insurance costs for every employee we manage. Whether you are looking for The AGA Group™ to manage an employee for six months or for a year we are ready to support your needs.

Some of our clients choose to hire the employee and have us manage the costs associated with this hire until they are ready to make a permanent commitment. If there is turnover and a subsequent unemployment claim you are not burdened with an increase in your experience rating nor the paperwork associated with the claim.  Our HR Department takes care of everything and we assume all of the responsibility for paperwork, claims, and Department of Labor responses.

Our Specialties Include

Medical Staffing and Recruiting

With over 40 years of experience, The AGA Group™ delivers the highest-quality professionals for your company. Our services include executive search, medical and dental staffing and recruitment, direct placement (retained and exclusive), contract-to-hire, and on-going case management opportunities across the hiring spectrum. The AGA Group™ is viewed as one of the midwest region’s top healthcare staffing and recruitment agencies for Nurse Practitioners and other Nurse Management positions. We also have rich experience working with Health Plans and medical facilities. If you’re looking for a workforce to address a short term or long term need please give us a call.

Healthcare Information Technology

Qualified professionals can be hard to find in this narrow specialty. By customizing our recruiting and staffing strategies, we can help you find the best and brightest candidates. We provide the very best Healthcare IT Professionals and Managed Services for your EMR and other infrastructure needs.

Professional Training and Development Services

The AGA™ Group has been awarded a multiple-award contract to provide Professional Training Services to the State of Delaware and the State of Kansas. This contract is available to all agencies, subdivisions, schools, municipalities and other government organizations with the State. To learn more please use the form below to contact us for additional information on our awarded training courses.


Temporary Staffing

Keep your organization fully staffed at all times. The AGA Group™ delivers on-demand talent for a project or temporary requirements. As a Professional Employer Organization, we assume all of the costs associated with the employee including worker’s compensation claims and unemployment costs.


Try one of our employees at your location to evaluate their skills and work ethic before extending a job offer to eliminate hiring risk. As a PEO we assume all of the costs associated with the employee including worker’s compensation claims and unemployment costs. When you are ready to bring the new hire on board as your permanent employee just let us know.

Direct Hire Staffing

Reduce the time and risk of hiring by relying on us to recruit, screen and refer qualified candidates. You pay for our services only if you hire a candidate we provide.

Executive Search

Need to add to your leadership team? The AGA Group™ can source proven professionals and screen them to your specifications. You choose from only the top candidates.


As a Professional Employer Organization, we will handle payroll for one employee or an entire department. Let us know how we can partner with your organization to streamline this service. Let us handle it for you. Place the temporary employees you choose on our payroll. We take care of payroll distribution, tax withholdings, workers’ compensation, and benefits thereby allowing you to focus on other core business priorities.

Our Three-Step Recruiting Process:

1. Initial Search

  • Internet searches
  • Corporate Linkedin subscriptions
  • Referrals
  • The AGA Group™ candidate databases/sources

2. First Escalation

  • Database subscriptions
  • Local medical and professional associations
  • Local military transition/placement offices
  • Internet advertising
  • Local media advertising

3. Second Escalation

  • National and Regional medical and professional associations
  • Medical specialty and trade publications
  • Regional to national advertising

Trust The AGA Group™ as your Professional Employer Organization for the talent, resources, and solutions to achieve your workforce objectives.

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