State Agencies and Departments

The AGA™ Group has been awarded a multiple award contract to provide Professional Training Services to the State of Delaware. This contract is available to all agencies, subdivisions, schools, municipalities and other government organizations with the State. To get started use the form below to request a quote or for additional information on our awarded training courses.

Professional Training Services

Our courses include classroom and online options. The AGA Group™ possess the capacity to work with multiple agencies or agencies in different cities (Dover, Wilmington, New Castle, Georgetown, and Newark) if there is a desire to share the costs of the same course.

Our Professional Trainers possess the following educational training, credentials, and experience:

  • EEO officer Office of the Attorney General Washington D.C.
  • Career Development Manager Washington D.C. Law Firm
  • Training Officer D.C. Office U.S. Attorney General
  • Education Program Manager American Immigration Lawyers
  • Assistant Dean Career Services Penn State University Dickenson School of Law
  • SME on Diversity Equality and Inclusion
  • Quarterly Contributor to the Huffington Post
  • Regional Speakers on Diversity and Inclusion with Government Agencies
  • Harvard University Cambridge Massachusetts
  • Stellenbosch University-Stellenbosch, South Africa [Harvard Thesis Research]
  • University Nevada-Las Vegas [Masters of Education-Early Childhood]
  • K-12 Course Curriculum in Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Training Manager Merck & Co. Inc

Awarded Course Offerings Include:

  • Advanced Diversity and Inclusion
  • Compliance in the workplace
  • Customer Service for Internal and External Clients
  • Diversity, Compliance and Unlawful Discrimination
  • Leadership Development and Assessment
  • Professional Workplace Communication
  • Urban School Security Safety Audit and Training
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution