Information Technology for Commercial and Public Sectors

Commercial and Public IT companies and agencies are currently undergoing across-the-board technological change. Many agencies have begun or planning large-scale modernization efforts to replace outdated or obsolete technology. Government agencies must address similar challenges as the commercial sector, including shifts in workforce demographics, rapidly advancing technology and frequent software updates, handling more data, and implementing more complex security standards.

The AGA Group™ provides information technology services designed to help commercial and public sector companies protect digital assets, optimize IT operations, and lower IT resource costs. Our information technology services include:

Cyber Security Intelligence + Monitoring

  • Security Information & Management Systems
  • Security Operations Centers
  • Incident Response Teams

Cloud Infrastructure + Compliance

  • Government Employee IT Group Policies & Standardization
  • IT Asset Management w/ Mobile Workforce Compliance
  • IT Managed Services

Technical Resources + IT Support

  • IT Helpdesk Resources & Outsourcing
  • Executive CIO/CTO Resources & Outsourcing
  • IT Consulting Services