Three Top Trends in the Dental Industry in 2022 

Three Top Trends in the Dental Industry in 2022 | The AGA Group

The healthcare industry continues to change at the speed of light and the dental field is no exception. As many new developments take shape, dental professionals must proactively keep up with the latest trends so they can successfully manage their practices and provide the best care to patients. Check out three of this year’s top… Read more »

Is Your Potential Candidate Reliable?  

Is Your Potential Candidate Reliable?  | The AGA Group

Has it been an ongoing struggle to hire candidates who are reliable and willing to go the extra mile? With employee turnover being a major issue in the dental field, employers must be increasingly focused on finding candidates who are both dependable and professional. However, gauging reliability in potential candidates is not always easy, especially… Read more »

Resume Tips: Is a Summary Still Necessary? 

Resume Tips: Is a Summary Still Necessary? | The AGA Group

Does your resume still have a summary section? If so, it may be time to ditch the summary and restructure your resume without it. Summaries generally don’t enhance a resume and are no longer considered necessary. If you’re conflicted about removing the summary section, here are two options:   Do You Still Need a Summary on… Read more »

What Can You Do with Your Dental Degree? 

What Can You Do with Your Dental Degree? | AGA Group

Are you a dental professional looking for a career shift? Whether you’re a seasoned dentist or just graduated from dental school, there are many career options in the dental field. Besides the traditional dental career path, there are many alternative ways to use your dental degree. As you consider your next move, here are some… Read more »

Let’s Talk Before You Quit Your Job

Puzzle showing skills and tools needed in writing your resume

Let’s talk before you quit your job. You’re not alone, we’ve all thought about quitting our jobs before. Surveys show that anywhere from a quarter to more than half of employees are planning to look for a new job post-pandemic. But how can you be sure if it’s really time to leave?  Here are three… Read more »

Contingency Searches and Retained Searches

Contingency Searches vs. Retained Searches | The AGA Group

If you’ve pursued professional staffing services for your organization or dental practice, you might still be learning about different recruitment and staffing options. Many staffing firms offer both contingency and retained search searches, depending on their clients’ hiring demands. A recruiter can work closely with your hiring team to formulate a staffing strategy that fulfills… Read more »

Improving Diversity at Your Dental Practice  

Improving Diversity at Your Dental Practice  | The AGA Group

While the dental profession has evolved rapidly in recent years, studies continually show a lack of diversity remains a challenge in dental workplaces across the U.S. Improving diversity at your dental practice can significantly improve hiring outcomes, as well as create a vibrant and fulfilling culture that embraces all individuals. Here are some of the… Read more »

Job Interview Tip: The Importance of Rehearsing  

Job Interview Tip: The Importance of Rehearsing  | The AGA Group

Are you getting ready for upcoming job interviews? While you may be feeling confident in your ability as an interviewer, it never hurts to brush up on your interview skills with some practice. Job interview rehearsing is one of the most effective ways to fully prepare for an interview so you can perform your best… Read more »

What Is The Correct Pay Rate? Know Your Rights.

Four HR Professionals standing outside of office building

What Is The Correct Pay Rate? If you’re working a temp assignment, you are familiar with pay rates. As many of you know, the challenge comes when you work a temp assignment and the office writes you a check for a days work. Nice!. You got paid and the office receives the requested service. Were… Read more »

How to Budget After You Get Your First Job  

How to Budget After You Get Your First Job  | The AGA Group

Did you just land your first full-time job? If you’re like many young professionals, you are probably enjoying your paycheck and may even be treating yourself to some extra expenditures. However, learning how to budget properly is an important skill for anybody, especially those who have entered new employment. Here are some tips for how… Read more »