Building a Winning Culture  

Building a Winning Culture | AGA Group

Have you prioritized culture-building at your dental practice? If it’s been a long time since you’ve focused on improving your culture, there are many ways in which you can enhance your work environment and give your employees a better platform to thrive in their roles. Here are some of the simplest yet most effective ways… Read more »

What Benefits Do You Offer Your Employees? 

What Benefits Do You Offer Your Employees? | AGA Group

Are you hoping to attract more candidates to your dental practice this year? In many cases, the quality of your benefits package can greatly affect hiring and retention outcomes. If you’re considering any changes to your benefits offerings, there are many factors to keep in mind. As a dental employer, here are some of the… Read more »

Need Career Improvement? Three Ways to Expand Your Skills 

Hoping to grow your dental career and maximize your earning potential in the field? By investing in yourself and expanding your skills, you can proactively make strides in your professional journey. If you’re hoping to elevate your dental career this year, here are some steps to further your progress. How Can You Expand Your Skills… Read more »

Are You a Recent Graduate? How The AGA Group Can Help You Find Your First Job  

How AGA Group Can Help Recent Grads Find Their Next Job | AGA Group

Are you a recent dental graduate about to embark on the search for your first official dental position? With so many options and factors to consider, you may be feeling confused about how to present your qualifications, research employers, and filter through job prospects. Fortunately, working with a specialized dental staffing agency like The AGA… Read more »

Best Practices for Effectively Managing a Dental Office  

Best Practices for Effectively Managing a Dental Office | The AGA Group

Is one of your goals this year to better manage your dental office? If your office is like many dental facilities, there are likely many moving parts requiring different levels of time and attention. As you evaluate your current management protocols, here are some best practices to consider moving forward. What Are The Best Practices… Read more »

Are You Conducting STAR-based Interviews? 

Are You Conducting STAR-based Interviews? | The AGA Group

Have you ever heard of the STAR interview method? The STAR method is a behavioral-based interview technique in which interviewees have an opportunity to discuss their experience handling a specific situation, task, action, and end result. There are many benefits of STAR-based interviews for both employers and candidates, especially as companies are increasingly aiming to… Read more »

Why Working with AGA Can Help You Find Your Next Dental Position  

Why Working with AGA Can Help You Find Your Next Dental Position  | The AGA Group

Are you a dental professional looking to start your career or transition to a new job? No matter where you are in your professional journey, there are many benefits of working with a staffing agency. In particular, a dental staffing agency like AGA Group can be a tremendous asset to your job search. From receiving… Read more »

Finally Graduated! What’s Next After Finishing Dental School? 

Finally Graduated! What’s Next After Finishing Dental School?  | The AGA Group

Congratulations – you finally graduated from dental school! Now what? While you’re probably still on a high from earning your degree, being proactive with getting your career off the ground will give you the confidence and tools to excel in the field. While there’s no one blueprint for how to start a dental career, here… Read more »

Three Factors for Evaluating Culture Fit in Candidates

As it becomes increasingly difficult to attract top dental candidates, employers are also faced with the task of finding staff who can successfully immerse themselves within their work environments. Evaluating candidates not just for their qualifications, but for culture fit, will ensure the best long-term hiring outcomes for your organization. Here are three factors to… Read more »