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The AGA Group™ is a preferred medical and dental staffing agency located in Kansas City. We provide contract-to-hire staffing and direct hire recruiting services.

Companies throughout the Greater Kansas City Metro Area rely on our dental, allied health, and medical staffing services to save time and money while remaining productive and fully staffed.

Our Custom Approach

By collaborating closely with you, we understand the unique challenges you face. As a leading medical and dental staffing agency, we source, screen, and attract talent as well as conduct background checks, vet, and onboard each candidate. As a leading medical, dental, and allied health staffing agency, The AGA Group™ has maintained lasting relationships with a network of area professionals who are ready to join your team.

Removing the Risk From Hiring

Our contract-to-hire option enables our clients to assess a professional on location before adding the person to your team. Choosing contract-to-hire can help prevent turnover by ensuring the candidate has the necessary skills and experience and fits into your company culture. Our experts can craft a custom solution that delivers true value to your organization.

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Our Specialties

Dental Staffing Services

Qualified professionals can be hard to find in this narrow specialty. By customizing our recruiting and staffing strategies, we can help you find the best and brightest dental professionals to choose from.

Medical Staffing Services

With over 40 years of experience, The AGA Group™ delivers the highest-quality healthcare professionals for contract-to-hire and direct hire positions.

Allied Health Staffing Services

These are health care professions distinct from dentistry, nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. They provide a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and support services in connection with healthcare. Allied health positions include medical techs, physical therapy, phlebotomist, medical billing, and coding, etc.



Contract one of our employees at your location to evaluate skills and work ethic before extending a job offer. Our medical and dental staffing firm remains the employer of record until you are ready to hire. That means we assume all costs associated with the employee, including workers’ compensation claims and unemployment costs. When you are ready to bring the new hire on board as your permanent employee, just let us know. There are no extra costs to the client at the end of the contract period.

Direct Hire Staffing

Reduce the time and risk of hiring by relying on us to recruit, screen, and refer qualified medical and dental candidates. We manage all the legwork; you pay for our services only if you hire a candidate we provide.

Our Three-Step Recruiting Process:

1. Initial Search

  • Internet searches
  • Client recommendations
  • Employee referrals
  • The AGA Group™ candidate databases/sources

2. First Escalation

  • Database searches
  • Local medical and professional associations
  • Local military transition/placement offices
  • Social media
  • Internet advertising
  • Local media advertising

3. Second Escalation

  • Nationwide medical and professional associations
  • Medical specialty and trade publications
  • Regional to national advertising

Trust The AGA Group™ for the talent, resources, and solutions you need to achieve your objectives.

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