Managing mission-critical systems can be a challenge―often consuming your time and critical in-house resources. But it doesn’t have to be.

With The AGA Group™ Database Managed Services, you get 24×7 access to our elite team of Database Administrators (DBA’s), Database Architects, and Engineers to handle the day-to-day operational management of your systems―on-premise or in the cloud. Our domestic and distributed teams of database professionals will leave you confident in knowing that your enterprise systems are high-performing and always available, freeing up your team to focus on the projects that really matter.

Our team of database professionals has deep technical and process expertise. This allows them to help improve your current database management operations and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). Our highly-talented pool of DBA’s can architect, configure, and managing complex healthcare IT integrations, roll-outs, database migrations, and upgrades.

Assessment and Evaluation Services:

  • Database Governance & Security
  • Capacity Optimization
  • Operations Standardization
  • Database Health Check
  • High Availability Solutions
  • HIPAA/PII Compliance Risk Analysis
  • EMR/ Database Security Risk Assessment
  • DBA Tools Evaluation
  • Database Upgrade and Roll-out Assessment

Build and Implementation Services:

  • Implement Database High Availability Solutions
  • Implement Database Governance & Security Standards
  • Upgrade: Patch Set and Version
  • Migration: Cross Platform / Database
  • Database Performance Standardization
  • API & Third-Party Integrations

Run, Maintenance, and Ongoing Improvement Services:

Our Database Improvement Services continuously optimize your systems to boost operational performance and efficiency.

  • Database Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Release / Change Management
  • DB Performance Tuning
  • Backup / Recovery Management
  • Database Upgrades
  • Application and Database Patching
  • Database and Application Cloning
  • Security management
  • Space Management
  • SLA Management
  • Database Security Audits
  • Dashboards
  • 24/7 Coverage


To meet the varying needs of each organization, The AGA Group™ optimizes implementations by offering three models of database support:

  • Remote Database Monitoring as a service – Database Incident monitoring and basic change management with customizable resource hours.
  • Managed Services – Fully managed database services & ITIL based service delivery.
  • Build and Design Services – Design, build and architecture services for project-specific needs.

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