Job Search Tips For The New College Grad

College grads at ceremony happy, tossing caps and smiling for the cameraJob search tips for the new college grad. What use to be an assurance for employment is no longer the case in today’s competitive job market. A college degree is still extremely important in securing a great job. But due to the downturn in the economy and intense competition for jobs, recent college graduates have to learn how to effectively promote themselves.

The biggest challenge facing most college graduates is that there are so many qualified unemployed professionals. What recent college graduates are beginning to learn is how to effectively compete in this tough job market. With little to no job experience you will need to know how to effectively market your qualifications. Due to the sheer number of graduates at most colleges it is highly unlikely the job placement center will provide you with all the tools needed to successfully compete in the job market. You will need to employ the latest job search skills and be able to compete with more experienced unemployed workers.

So What Job Search Tips Should The New College Grad Use?

  • Utilize the school’s resources. Most schools have resources (career center) for students and alumni to assist in your search efforts. You will have access to resume writing services and job boards to submit your resumes.
  • Develop a top notch resume. Your resume is the single most important resource in your job search efforts. When you develop your resume be sure you include keywords that will allow your resume to be picked up by employer scanning software. Don’t forget to include your value proposition statement.
  • Strategic Search. It is extremely important that you research the job(s) you are applying for. This will allow you to target your resume to this job and assure the prospective employer that you are the ideal candidate. If your resume is not geared towards the job opening it is very unlikely to be reviewed.
  •  Attending Job fairs and Networking Events. Networking will be the key to identifying top jobs and learning where opportunities are. Attend Networking Events for companies and Industries (Engineers, Sales, and IT etc).
  •  Social Media. Recruiters and HR Professionals are routinely utilizing social media to identify top talent. Be sure you have a presence in this medium to create visibility for your qualifications. If you have a social media account from college be sure to review the content for appropriateness in the event a recruiter or company looks at it.
  • Career Coaches or Consultants. College grads are learning what some professionals already know and that is career consultants and companies can also assist in your job search efforts. These consultants can often help you jump start your search efforts and can potentially shorten the time you are looking for a job.
  •  Interview skills. You will need to refine your interview skills and learn how to effectively prepare for the phone interview and face to face interview. There are skills you can utilize that will certainly make a difference in how you perform during these sessions. Poor interview skills can sabotage a great resume so be sure you are prepared to be your very best.

What you should know

Finally, you should know that an effective job search is a marathon and not a sprint. Exercise patience and understand that it may take a little longer than expected to find the job you really want. You will want to devote many hours to be successful in finding a job. Be sure you plan your work and work your plan.


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