Why Staffing Solutions Are Needed In A Great Economy

The latest unemployment numbers (3.7%) reflect a dwindling labor force. Whether in Kansas City or Wilmington employers are finding it difficult to attract and retain top talent. This is especially true as it pertains to healthcare and IT jobs. While some industries are impacted by seasonal fluctuations in the demand for employees, the healthcare and IT industries are always in need of qualified employees. Although reasons vary for the increase in hiring demand employers are deciding to turn to the staffing industry to address their short-term and potential future demand for top talent.

Young professional woman standing at a table of other professionals reaching to shake the hand of a man sitting at the tableA proven candidate base. When it comes to smart hiring decisions there is no better place to start than with a temporary worker or contract employee with proven experience. What makes this great is as an employer you know their work performance and dependability. The temp worker knows your expectations and the culture of the company. When it comes to retention you will make a more informed hiring decision and reduce your turnover by employing a temporary or contract employee. You will come to view this as a win-win situation. So, what are the next steps in addressing your immediate, short-term or permanent hiring needs?

Well, first of all, you have to plan. We are experiencing an extremely tight job market and top job seekers will be hired quickly as you ponder your next steps. Have your workforce strategy clearly outlined and start planning for future openings or the increase in the need for more staff. Hiring should not be a reactive task but rather a well thought out part of your overall business strategy. Identify a staffing agency that has the experience working with the type of professionals your organization would hire.

 Keep your job description simple and specific to the needs of the job. This piece of advice applies to every job description, competitive based or seasonal. For sake of brevity don’t leave out the must-have skills and experience.

Hiring is an expensive part of a business. As a company or human resource professional, you understand that hiring the right people is one of the most [if not the most] important part of your job. When you get it right; you’re viewed as a hero of the organization. But when the hiring decision doesn’t work out…well…you get the point. The cost of a bad or wrong hire dwarfs the costs of utilizing a temporary employee. When you keep in mind the employer costs your best choice could be utilizing temporary staffing for a period of time that works for your company or department.

Reach out to military and retirees. What better way to hire the right person than to hire a dependable ex-military or retiree? Ex-military personnel is looking to get back into the workforce and what better way than to start with temporary employment?

Take away. Hiring the right employee can be tough. Identifying top talent during a tight labor market continues to be a daunting task. Utilize the resources available to you including employment agencies. When time is of the essence and you want to shorten the time to hire you can reach out to a dependable employment service for the ideal workforce solution for your company or department.


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