Three Factors for Evaluating Culture Fit in Candidates

As it becomes increasingly difficult to attract top dental candidates, employers are also faced with the task of finding staff who can successfully immerse themselves within their work environments. Evaluating candidates not just for their qualifications, but for culture fit, will ensure the best long-term hiring outcomes for your organization. Here are three factors to help you consider whether a candidate is a good culture fit.

How Can You Evaluate Candidates For Company Culture Fit

Work environment

Asking candidates about what type of work environment helps them thrive and prosper professionally can give you a strong sense of culture fit. When an employee feels comfortable and confident being part of your office or practice setting, they will naturally be more productive and achieve higher performance. Discussing your work environment in detail during an interview – and gathering feedback from candidates about their workplace preferences – can be instrumental in hiring the right person.  

Ability to work with others

Most dental practices consist of collaborative environments in which both clinicians and administrative professionals must work well together for the sake of delivering quality patient care. Candidates who exhibit experience working with either small or large teams will be better suited to excel in a team-oriented workplace that’s focused on meeting shared goals. During interviews, you can assess candidates’ past employment experience and ask questions about their willingness to work with others.  


Gaining an understanding of whether a candidate’s values match those of your organization can be extremely impactful in determining culture fit. For example, if your organization promotes values of compassion, integrity, and quality of service, these should be shared and exhibited by every employee within your organization. Hiring individuals whose values are in close alignment with those of your dental practice is key to building the right team.  

With retention becoming paramount for many employers, culture fit is increasingly a top consideration throughout the hiring process. Prioritizing the factors above when assessing candidates can improve the quality of your staff and elevate morale within your organization. 

How Do Your Candidates Fit Your Company Culture

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