Best Practices for Effectively Managing a Dental Office  

Best Practices for Effectively Managing a Dental Office | The AGA Group

Is one of your goals this year to better manage your dental office? If your office is like many dental facilities, there are likely many moving parts requiring different levels of time and attention. As you evaluate your current management protocols, here are some best practices to consider moving forward.

What Are The Best Practices for Managing a Dental Office?

Develop strong communication among your team

In many ways, communication may not necessarily be an innate skill among employees, but rather one that needs to be proactively fostered and developed. Promoting strong communication within your dental office involves empowering each person on your staff to contribute to the decision-making process, as well as feel comfortable asking questions or having their concerns addressed. Weekly or monthly team meetings in which updates and decisions are discussed collaboratively is a great way to bring your staff together and establish an open and honest dialogue at your office.   

Use technologies to increase efficiencies

There are many types of advanced technologies that can be used to enhance patient communications and increase the overall efficiency of your facility’s operations. The management of your facility can be greatly impacted by the technologies used to facilitate patient care, such as telehealth platforms, electronic medical record (EMR) portals, and online scheduling tools. By gathering employee feedback and assessing opportunities for improvement, you can invest in the right software additions for your facility.  

Maintain a “culture of learning.”

A workplace culture that’s focused on learning will naturally engage employees and motivate them to succeed. What’s become known as a “culture of learning,” involves providing staff with ample professional development opportunities that allow them to grow their skills, knowledge, and confidence within their fields and areas of practice. This may include offering onsite mentorship programs or encouraging providers to attend educational seminars or events. By continually investing in your employees’ professional development, you’ll demonstrate a commitment to helping them advance within your office.  

 How Are You Managing Your Dental Office?

Implementing the practices above can be integral to the effective management of your dental office, playing a role in both retaining and attracting new staff.  

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