What Benefits Do You Offer Your Employees? 

What Benefits Do You Offer Your Employees? | AGA Group

Are you hoping to attract more candidates to your dental practice this year? In many cases, the quality of your benefits package can greatly affect hiring and retention outcomes. If you’re considering any changes to your benefits offerings, there are many factors to keep in mind. As a dental employer, here are some of the top benefits you can offer your staff. Just a reminder that these benefits should also be listed in your employee handbook.

What Benefits Are You Offering Your Employees?

Paid Time Off [PTO]

With so many people in the workforce experiencing burnout, it’s never been more important for healthcare employers to offer paid family leave as part of their benefits package. There are many types of paid family leave, including sick time, personal time, bereavement, and vacation time. As an employer, you can choose how you’d like to offer paid leave to your employees (such as offering these benefits together as a group or in separate categories). It’s key to establish a policy stating when your staff can take paid leave, as well as a process for which they can request their time off or allow their time to accumulate and get paid for it.   

401(k) Option & Match

Offering a 401(k) option and match can be an appealing retirement benefit for many employees. This can afford your staff the opportunity to invest in retirement savings while enjoying a tax deduction each year. If you can provide a matching contribution up to a certain percentage, this is a great way to invest in your employees’ futures and retain staff for the long haul. A 401(k) will also attract future staff to your company and help you build a strong reputation as a reputable dental employer.  


With flexibility in the workplace becoming increasingly important to employees, offering flextime policies can be a major asset to your benefits package. And, while it may be difficult to allow your dental hygienists and administrative staff to work hybrid schedules, you can give them the option to design their own schedules. Providing flexible scheduling improves work-life balance and gives your employees the opportunity to work the hours and days that align best with their personal obligations.  

The benefits offered by your practice can impact many facets of your culture, from retention to morale. Understanding the important role of benefits will allow you to make the most favorable changes from within your organization.  

What Benefits Are You Offering?

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