More than a Candidate Database: Benefits of Working with The AGA Group 

Has your dental organization struggled with workforce retention in recent years? If you haven’t yet considered the services of a staffing firm, it may be time to explore how The AGA Group’s staffing solutions can improve your hiring outcomes. At The AGA Group, we are more than just a candidate database for our clients. Our comprehensive services directly support our clients’ workforce goals, providing ongoing support throughout the entire hiring and onboarding process. Here are three of the top benefits of working with The AGA Group: 

What Are The Benefits of Working With The AGA Group? 

Specialized staffing

Our focus specifically on medical and dental staffing allows us to provide the most effective staffing services for our healthcare clients. Because our recruiters are highly trained and knowledgeable about the healthcare industry, they know what types of candidates are needed to fill a variety of roles – including the necessary skills, credentials, and experience that are required for various jobs in the medical and dental industry. Our specialized expertise is what allows us to fulfill our clients’ staffing needs with the best talent on the market. 

Customized staffing solutions

What makes The AGA Group so unique is our ability to customize the best staffing solutions for each of our clients. We understand the hiring challenges our clients face and are committed to implementing staffing strategies that make sense for them on many levels. From sourcing administrative professionals to medical providers, our recruiters’ vast networks allow us to access candidates from a large span of healthcare specialties and industries for our clients’ open positions.  

Proven results

Our longstanding record in the staffing industry speaks for itself, as we’ve delivered proven results that have impacted a large span of healthcare facilities and dental care practices over the years. From trusted client relationships to superior staffing outcomes, we have built a reputation as one of the top leading healthcare staffing firms in Missouri and Kansas. If you’re in search of a staffing partner with both experience and expertise, The AGA Group has you covered. 

At The AGA Group, our combination of experience, specialized expertise, and dedication to superior customer service is what sets us apart from other healthcare staffing firms.  

Ready To Work With The AGA Group?

Is your organization seeking a staffing partner in the Kansas City Metro area? Get in touch with The AGA Group, a top dental staffing firm based in Kansas City, and learn how our staffing solutions can help. 


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