Three Important Skills Every Dental Hygienist Needs

Three Important Skills Every Dental Hygienist Needs | The AGA Group

Are you a dental hygienist looking for new opportunities to grow? In addition to required education and training, there are some essential skills every dental hygienist needs to be successful. And while there are several important skills required in the dental hygienist profession, here are three of the most important ones:  

What Are The Three Most Important Skills Every Dental Hygienist Needs?

Knowledge of dental conditions

Knowledge of dental conditions is essential for providing the best care and feedback to patients about their dental health. Dental hygienists must understand the full scope of oral conditions that can affect their patients, such as gum disease and tooth decay. They must be able to explain to patients how to prevent these conditions as well as recommend the best course of treatment.  

Attention to detail

One of the most critical skills required as a dental hygienist is a strong attention to detail. For obvious reasons, hygienists must be able to identify a variety of dental concerns or ailments during dental procedures. However, they must also pay close attention to patients’ complaints or concerns and advise the best at-home prevention and treatment plans. 

Strong motor skills

The nature of any dental hygienist position requires strong motor function in order to perform the job. Because dental hygienists work within a small space (the oral cavity), they must be able to maneuver small, sharp dental instruments with extreme precision. Hygienists with strong motor skills are able to conduct patients’ dental cleanings and treatments most efficiently and effectively.  

Dental hygienists with the skills above will be most equipped to excel in their roles while achieving the most long-term advancement.  

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