How to Rise to the Top and Become a Manager of a Dental Office

How to Rise to the Top and Become a Manager of a Dental Office | The AGA Group

Is one of your goals to become a manager of a dental office? If you have the potential to rise to the top and become an office manager within the dental industry, there are some important steps you can take to bring your career to the next level. With these tips, you can make yourself competitive for dental office manager jobs:

How Can You Make Your Way to Being a Manager at your Dental Office?

Pursue hands-on training.

There is great value in hands-on training and related work experience before pursuing a job in a managerial capacity. Gaining experience as an administrative assistant or receptionist before advancing to a higher role can be instrumental in giving you the necessary foundational management skills. In these roles, you’ll have an opportunity to receive training and guidance on various management functions which will be integral to your future career success.

Obtain certifications.

Along with experience and training, there are certifications that can increase your qualifications as a managerial candidate. The Dental Assisting National Board offers courses and certification programs that allow dental office managers to improve their skills and further excel in their workplace. There are courses covering various topics, such as accounts receivable; financial reporting; and human resource fundamentals. Depending on your background and goals, you can choose certifications that align most with your professional background and interests.

Build upon your skillset.

The skills you bring to the workplace can heavily impact your ability to land a managerial role. There are many crucial skills required to excel as a manager of a dental office, including strong communication; customer service; leadership; attention to detail; and analytical abilities. Developing these relevant skills throughout your career – and actively promoting your strengths to employers – will demonstrate you have what it takes to thrive as an effective manager.

If you’re hoping to obtain a managerial position in a dental office, building your experience and expertise will make you more marketable for a variety of opportunities.

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