How to Properly Communicate with Your Dental Patients

How to Properly Communicate with Your Dental Patients | The AGA Group

As a dental professional, do you make an effort to actively improve your communication skills? In addition to your expertise and dental techniques, your communication with patients is critical for building a successful dental practice. In many ways, your communication abilities can impact many aspects of your career – from interoffice relationships to patient retention. Here are three key practices for more effective communication with dental patients.

What Are the Best Practices for Communicating with Dental Patients?

Demonstrate empathy.

First and foremost, proper communication with dental patients starts with empathy. It’s important to remember that patients are often scared, nervous, or stressed at their dental appointments. Exhibiting empathy involves showing patients that you understand how they’re feeling and expressing genuine concern about their dental health. This will help you build initial trust with each patient, which is the foundation of positive, long-term patient relationships.

Be clear and concise.

When having patient interactions, your communication style should always be as clear and concise as possible. It’s essential to avoid complex dental jargon and discuss a patient’s care in a way they can easily understand. Along these same lines, being transparent in your communication will ensure patients are fully informed and educated about what to expect from their dental care. When in doubt, always adhere to honesty, clarity, and professionalism in your communication approach.

Provide a safe space for your patients to ask questions.

Sometimes patients don’t feel comfortable asking questions during their appointments, or they may feel too anxious or overwhelmed to bring up any concerns. Providing a safe space for patients to ask questions about their dental condition, such as diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis, will put them more at ease to communicate with you. Rather than rushing patients out the door at the end of their appointment, always give them a few minutes to gather their thoughts and encourage them to call your office if they have any future questions about their care.

Making your communication with patients, a major focus will ultimately enhance your dental practice and your career satisfaction.

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