Walmart Exits the Medical and Dental Sector

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On April 30, Walmart declared its decision to close all 51 of its Walmart Health Centers and virtual health services. Indeed, this move signifies a substantial shift in the company’s strategy. Previously, and quite interestingly, the company had placed a strong emphasis on expansion into the healthcare sector. As a result, it was surprising to many when the focus appeared to have changed so dramatically. Consequently, this has led to a lot of speculation about the company’s future direction.

The Impact on the Healthcare Industry

The exit of Walmart from the medical and dental field will undeniably have a profound impact on the healthcare industry. Walmart’s health centers aimed to disrupt the market by providing affordable, accessible healthcare to millions.

Walmart’s Innovative Approach to Healthcare

Walmart Health was a pioneer in the concept of a comprehensive healthcare facility. It first combined various health services, including primary care, labs, x-rays, counseling, dental, optical, and hearing under one roof. This was accomplished through partnerships with expert providers committed to delivering high-quality services. In 2019, one of its initial clinics offered adult teeth cleaning services for a mere $25, irrespective of insurance coverage.

The Challenges of Retail Healthcare

Despite recent expansion plans, Walmart shares the struggle of making retail healthcare profitable. For example, Walgreens’ $6 billion loss on VillageMD highlights the sector’s challenges.

The Role of The AGA Group

Post Walmart’s exit, The AGA Group in Kansas and Missouri is expected to play a key role. The AGA Group, with 45 years’ experience, is ready to fill the void left by Walmart.

Expertise and Experience

The AGA Group’s extensive experience in the healthcare staffing industry is one of its key strengths. Over the past four decades in the life sciences industry, the president, Greg Ikner, has developed a deep understanding of the healthcare market, enabling The AGA Group to provide high-quality staffing solutions.

Comprehensive Services

The AGA Group offers a broad range of services, including:

  • Placement of Dentists: The company has a proven track record of successfully placing dentists in various settings, from private practices to large healthcare systems.
  • Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants: The AGA Group also specializes in placing dental hygienists and dental assistants, ensuring that dental practices can operate efficiently.
  • Treatment Coordinators and Practice Managers: The company’s services extend to the placement of treatment coordinators and practice managers, roles that are crucial for the smooth operation of any healthcare facility.


While Walmart’s exit from the medical and dental arena may initially seem like a setback for the healthcare industry, it also presents opportunities for companies like The AGA Group. With their extensive experience and comprehensive services, these companies are poised to step in and ensure that Americans continue to have access to affordable and high-quality healthcare.


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