Falling Behind Because You’re Short-Staffed—Again?

Your patients deserve great care, so you need a dependable source of qualified dental professionals available for call-ins, illnesses, and emergencies. The AGA Group provides per diem dental staffing to companies throughout the Greater Kansas City Metro area, including Kansas City, Overland Park, Wichita, St. Louis, and Omaha. You can rely on our expert dental recruiters to deliver top professionals, keeping your business on track no matter what happens to disrupt your daily schedule. 

Per Diem Dental Staffing Services in the Kansas City Area

Need a dental professional at the last minute? Want to assess a candidate on the job to see their skills, work ethic, and chair-side manner before you consider adding them to your team? Too busy to review resumes to hire for a sudden increase in new patients? Per diem staffing can help you:  

  • Fill positions by the day without committing to a long-term hire.
  • Try out new employees to see how they fit with your team.
  • Save time and resources by letting us source talent to fit your requirements.
  • Make better hires from top candidates.
  • Save money by flexing your staff to meet patient demand.

The Preferred Dental Staffing Agency of Kansas City

Companies trust our top dental staffing agency in Kansas City to provide qualified professionals to meet their per diem staffing needs. Job boards can supply names and resumes, but we can provide the crucial people piece of the puzzle that results in a great motivational and behavioral fit for your company—and healthy patients and happy employees. All our candidates have been carefully screened and vetted before we present them to you. We’ve taken the time to get to know their professional and personal qualifications, ensuring they’re ready to work for you. You’ll always receive a quote for our services and review candidates free of charge. Our goal is to save you time and money by shortening the hiring process and delivering candidates who mesh well with your team. 

Our Dental Recruiters Source Top Talent in KC

Looking for a reliable solution to your dental staffing problems? The AGA Group understands the challenges you face each day. You won’t have to explain your practice or the dental industry to us. Just let us know what you require, and we’ll deliver dental professionals who will help you maintain the high standards of your practice. Building a relationship with us means collaborating with expert dental recruiters who will listen to your feedback and continue improving their service to you. 

Your Trusted Resource For Top Dental Professionals in Kansas

You can’t afford the cost of a bad hire. Let your competition spend valuable time reviewing hundreds of resumes, hoping to find the right dental professional for their company. We’ll source, screen, and recommend the best candidates, ensuring you’re working with the best talent in the market. Remain fully staffed and productive with less effort, allowing you to spend time on tasks that build your business. 

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