How To Land That Top Paying Job

Business professionals sitting looking at employment documentsDeveloping a great resume, creating a social medial presence and networking is important in your job search. How to land top paying jobs is no longer a secret. Professionals need structure in order to reach their goals. But to the job seeker or professional looking to better their career using proven job search techniques is important. So how do you land that top paying job?

One of the tactics used by top executives can be utilized by all who are looking to improve their career and marketability. Most will notice that most top executives seamlessly move from one great job to the other. This is due mainly through networking and developing their professional network.

Developing Your Resume

Developing a resume is extremely important in outlining your experiences. You must share why you are the best fit for the job. Your resume should always be tailored for the job you are applying for. You will need to tailor each resume to address the needs for a specific job. Most candidates will make the mistake to send the same resume in response for every job posting. As an employer I want to feel as if my job vacancy is what you are applying for. I also want to see what skills and experiences you possess that would bring value to my company

Create a Social Media Profile

LinkedIn is the most utilized site for HR Professionals, Corporate Recruiters and Recruiting Firms. The answer to this is usually is because most professionals don’t understand how to capitalize on LinkedIn®. First you will create a profile that mirrors your professional resume. When corporate executives, hiring professionals or other professionals look at your profile what do you want them to see? So managing your profile and reaching out to connect with other professionals will begin to pay dividends in a short period of time.  When addressing how to land top paying jobs you can now begin to network your way to a meeting with a professional who can help you get closer to your goal.

Develop a Professional Network

You have heard the words networking, networking, and networking. Knowing how to land top paying jobs incudes business networking. This is important because knowing the right person is important. What is more important than this is for the right person to know you. Take some time and write down the people you know and how you can tap into their professional network. Look at the value you can bring to others and they will be more inclined to help you. It’s important to know that a career search is a marathon and not a sprint; so it will take some time to establish a robust professional network

Finally if your goal is to land that top paying job you have to start with a great resume, using social marketing and employing networking skills.


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