What Can You Do About High Employee Turnover?  

What Can You Do About High Employee Turnover?  | The AGA Group

Is high employee turnover wreaking havoc on your dental facility? With many employees increasingly seeking greener pastures, it’s never been more critical for healthcare employers to make staff retention a top priority. Fortunately, some strategies can play a role in keeping employees at your organization for the long haul, while appealing to a greater degree of potential candidates. Here are three steps for combatting high employee turnover.

So What Steps Can You Take to Combat High Employee Turnover

Improve Your Culture

The culture of your workplace can significantly impact how employees perceive their work environment. By improving your culture, your employees will experience greater job satisfaction and stronger relationships with their colleagues. 

Steps you can take to improve your culture can include: 

  • Publicly recognizing employees for their accomplishments
  • Celebrating company-wide milestones
  • Facilitating team building activities
  • Organizing social events for staff

Find collaborative ways to bring your employees together. This naturally creates a more positive and vibrant workplace for every team member.  

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Implementing some form of flexible scheduling within your dental practice can do wonders to attract and retain employees. As demand for flexible hours has skyrocketed, dental employers implementing flexible work policies are more likely to increase their applicant pool. Doing this creates an environment that fosters better staff retention. In a medical or dental practice, a flexible policy may involve letting employees choose their hours or shifts (such as mornings or evenings) or giving them a choice to work at their preferred location.  

Facilitate Training and Development

Employees who feel your leadership team cares about their success are most inclined to continue growing their careers at your organization. If you don’t currently offer a robust training program for your staff, it’s time to start one! From onsite learning sessions to industry conferences or events, there are many opportunities to keep your employees at the forefront of their professional development. As a result, they will feel that their talents are being valued, motivating them to continue making meaningful contributions in the workplace. 

With the right policies and decisions, you can gradually reverse the negative effects of turnover. Over time, taking a proactive approach to improving staff retention will have tremendous effects on your facility’s culture.  

Are You Taking These Steps to Combat High Employee Turnover?

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