Are You Being Paid Enough in the Dental Field?

Are You Being Paid Enough in the Dental Field? | The AGA Group

Are you knowledgeable about what is a fair salary for your type of dental position or specialty? Whether you’re new to the dental field or a seasoned professional, understanding fair pay in the industry is essential for setting goals and increasing your salary over time. Here are some of the most common signs you may be underpaid – and what you can do about it.

Are You Not Being Paid Enough? Here’s Why

You haven’t negotiated a higher salary

If you didn’t negotiate a higher salary upon getting your job – and haven’t asked or inquired with your employer about a raise – you may very well be underpaid. While every circumstance is different, dental professionals who have worked at least a few years in the field can negotiate higher salaries once they’ve acquired a certain level of experience. When negotiating salary, it’s important to be realistic about your expectations and articulate to your employer specifically why you believe you’re deserving of higher pay.  

You haven’t had a recent performance review

The purpose of performance reviews isn’t just to provide professional feedback and discuss the quality of your work; it’s to assess your growth and discuss your earning potential with the employer. Performance reviews provide the opportunity to share current goals and ask what steps can be taken to earn a pay raise and improve upon weaknesses. If you haven’t had a performance review recently (or at all), you may be missing an important opportunity to discuss the future of your salary.   

Your salary hasn’t increased

It may sound simple, but if your salary hasn’t increased at all over the course of several months or years with the same employer, it’s safe to assume you’re probably underpaid. Though you must typically work at least a few years in the early stages of your career before commanding a pay raise, over time your salary should gradually increase. If there’s been no movement with your salary, it’s critical to speak with your boss or start exploring employment elsewhere.  

These are just some of the signs you may not be getting paid enough as a dental professional. If you’re currently underpaid, it may be time to explore other job options in the dental field that allow you to advance your career. 

Are You Being Paid Enough? 

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