Let’s Talk Before You Quit Your Job

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Female Physician is discussing job performance with medical billing tech at The AGA GroupLet’s talk before you quit your job. You’re not alone, we’ve all thought about quitting our jobs before. Surveys show that anywhere from a quarter to more than half of employees are planning to look for a new job post-pandemic. But how can you be sure if it’s really time to leave?  Here are three common issues to discuss.

  1. The logistics of work. Even if your company has announced a “universal” new policy governing how and where employees are required to work, don’t necessarily accept it as definitive. The answer may be no, but they may well decide to accommodate your preferences.
  2. Your role and growth. Speak up for what you want. A professional development program could teach you new skills. Ask for it before deciding there’s no room for growth at the company.
  3. Management. Let’s face it, sometimes management and direct reports aren’t on the same page. If you can speak with your manager one on one to discuss any issues. Seek advice from your HR Department for guidance if you believe the concerns could violate company policy or culture.
  4. Compensation. If you feel you’re being underpaid, or you’ve gained new skills or experiences that make you especially marketable, inquire about a raise. Pose your question thoughtfully, making a reasoned argument about the value you add to the company and why a salary increase is merited. A pay increase doesn’t matter much if you’re miserable every day but it could make you feel more valued.

Being able to address issues and concerns is a key part in development and growth on any job. Having the talk before you quit your job with management may provide you with the assurance and encouragement you need. We find that good employees allow the lack of addressing the issue with management cause them to leave a very good job. Every situation is unique and circumstances may prevail causing you to have to make a difficult decision.


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