What Can You Do with Your Dental Degree? 

What Can You Do with Your Dental Degree? | AGA Group

Are you a dental professional looking for a career shift? Whether you’re a seasoned dentist or just graduated from dental school, there are many career options in the dental field. Besides the traditional dental career path, there are many alternative ways to use your dental degree. As you consider your next move, here are some options to explore: 

What Opportunities Can a Dental Degree Give You

Dental education and research

There are many research opportunities in the dental field that can provide both lucrative and fulfilling careers. If you have an interest in teaching and education, embarking on a career in dental research may be a great fit. There are an array of academic topics and focus areas in the realm of dental education, including basic and behavioral science; dental assisting; hygiene or dental lab technology; and practice management principles. Dental researchers work in many types of institutions, including governmental agencies, universities, and private research centers, just to name a few. If you require advanced training to work in academia, there are numerous fellowship and doctorate programs you can pursue.  

Dental consulting

As a frequently overlooked area of dental medicine, dental consulting is another highly regarded path for professionals in the field. A dental degree with experience managing a dental practice makes you qualified to help other dentists improve their dental practices. Whether you provide consulting independently or join a large consulting firm, there are many opportunities to use your expertise and skills in assisting dental professionals with a variety of matters, including strategic planning; financial management; hiring staff; marketing; and regulatory issues, among many other functions. 

Dental product development

The emergence of many new dental technologies has increased the demand for dentists in this growing arena. From advanced equipment to consumer products, dentists are needed to assist with the development of new tools and techniques; cosmetic treatments; and consumer products and pharmaceuticals. There is a multitude of career opportunities in dental product development, easily making it one of the most diverse avenues for dentists looking to use their skills in a unique way.  

These are just a few of the many alternative paths you can pursue in the field of dentistry. By taking into consideration your experience, credentials, and professional interests, you can make the best decision for your dental career.  

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