What Benefits Do Employees Really Care About?  

What Benefits Do Employees Really Care About? | The AGA Group

Does it seem impossible lately to find candidates for your dental practice? From dental hygienists to receptionists, recruiting qualified candidates to fill these roles can pose challenges as staffing shortages continue to loom in the healthcare industry. As you refine your recruitment strategy, it may be time to offer new hires some different incentives. Check out these three benefits that employees really care about:  

What Benefits Do Employees Really Want?

Comprehensive health insurance

With health insurance costs skyrocketing, employees are increasingly seeking employment that offers more than just a basic healthcare package. Comprehensive health insurance, which includes health, dental, and vision insurance benefits, has become very appealing for employees in all sectors of the healthcare field. Even small practices that offer extensive health insurance benefits tend to have an edge in recruiting candidates.  

Flexible work options

Flexible work options are undoubtedly a top priority for employees in the healthcare industry. Employers that offer flexible schedules, such as shift working; compressed workweeks; and alternating days off, attract more candidates and ultimately achieve higher staff retention levels. Additionally, offering administrative or non-medical personnel the option of a remote work model can be another form of flexibility.  

Continuing education opportunities

In the healthcare field, the most driven professionals are those committed to their ongoing education. By offering employees learning opportunities to continue advancing their knowledge and earning new credentials, you’ll engage your staff and demonstrate a vested interest in their growth within your practice.  

The bottom line? Identifying the types of benefits that matter most to your staff will allow you to devise the best package for your hires.  

 Are You Offering Your Employees Good Benefits?

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