Does Your Organization Need a Culture Reset?

Does Your Organization Need a Culture Reset? | The AGA Group

As a dental employer, have you given any thought recently about the role of your culture on morale, staffing, and retention? In many ways, your culture is the center point of how your organization operates on every level – from hiring outcomes to patient satisfaction. With a new year getting underway soon, here are three tips for determining whether your organization needs a culture reset:

What Should Your Organization Do If It Needs a Culture Reset?

Be honest about areas of weakness.

Every organizational culture has some area of weakness, and leaders who are honest about these weaknesses can make the best decisions for their teams and work environments moving forward. Taking a close look at what’s currently working at your organization and what isn’t working is essential for establishing an effective “reset” strategy that reaps the best long-term results.

Think about employees’ needs.

As flexibility becomes increasingly important to employees, employers that adapt to flexible work policies tend to stay on the cutting edge of staffing and innovation. In many ways, flexibility is deep-rooted in your culture. Offering some form of flexibility within your organization – such as part-time shifts or remote work opportunities – will attract more talent to your organization and demonstrate a commitment to the needs of employees in today’s workforce.

Consider the future.

Regardless of how successful your organization functions now, it’s imperative to consider what the future holds. From building a robust team to obtaining high staff retention, defining a vision for the future will allow your leadership team to make the best changes in present day. If your organization is lacking the foundation to grow and prosper in the coming months and years, it may be time to implement new practices that foster better employee relations and collaboration.

By doing a comprehensive assessment of your culture, you can take steps that promote and foster innovation and growth on every level.

Need to Hire?

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