Top Qualities that Make a Great Dental Assistant

Are you in the process of exploring careers in the dental industry? If you’re searching for a rewarding job that allows you to work with others and make an impact, you may want to consider becoming a dental assistant. Check out these top qualities that make a great dental assistant:

What Qualities Make a Great Dental Assistant?

Strong listening skills.

As a dental assistant, you’ll be expected to follow directions from dentists all day long while answering patients’ questions. An ability to listen actively to others is essential for being able to fully address their concerns and educate them about best dental care practices. Strong listening skills are also important for bedside manner. By lending an ear to patients, you can often ease their nerves and anxiety during stressful dental treatments and procedures.


While reliability probably seems like an obvious quality, it’s truly one of the most critical ones for dental assistants. Because dental teams will be relying on your help, it’s imperative that you show up to your shifts on time and are prepared to assist in every way possible. A dependable, can-do attitude will take you far as a dental assistant during every stage of your career!

Organizational skills.

An ability to be highly organized is essential for success as a dental assistant. Because you’ll be assisting dentists in a multitude of ways, it’s important that you’re prepared to take on a variety of responsibilities on a daily basis. From preparing exam rooms to scheduling appointments, organization is the key to effectively navigating a dental assistant position.

If you possess the top three qualities above, you’ll have a strong foundation for excelling as a dental assistant in many types of dental office settings.

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