Dental Industry Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2023

Dental Industry Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2023 | The AGA Group

Is your dental office prepared to navigate the future of the dental industry? As a dental employer, being aware of the most current industry trends is essential for maintaining a robust and thriving practice. As you grow your dental practice, here are some of the top dental industry trends to keep an eye out for in 2023:

What Are Some Dental Industry Trends in 2023?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is increasingly at the forefront of the dental industry, becoming a key strategy for practices focused on attracting both more patients and staff. From candidate recruitment to patient outreach and engagement, digital marketing initiatives (which include online marketing, social media, and videos), will continue to take precedence in business development efforts and patient retention at all types of dental offices and practices.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry continues to rise in prevalence across the U.S., as many people are increasingly seeking ways to improve the appearance of their smiles. In addition to teeth whitening procedures and veneers, advanced dental technology has made a greater span of non-invasive and affordable treatments available. Dental practices that offer the most current cosmetic dentistry procedures will be able to stay on the cutting-edge of the dental industry and provide the treatments patients want most this year.

Preventative Care

In recent years, a focus on preventative care has continued to pave the way for helping patients achieve better dental health. There have been many new dental procedures that aim to prevent patients from developing serious dental issues. Overall, there’s also been a movement to educate patients about their dental health and encourage practices like regular teeth cleanings and oral cancer screenings.

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