What is the Future of Dental Hygienists?

What is the Future of Dental Hygienists? | The AGA Group

Are you interested in entering the dental field but still deciding on a career path? According to Dentistry Today, employment of dental hygienists is expected to grow 20 percent by 2036, faster than the average occupation. Between the aging population and the increasing need for dental professionals in more settings, dental hygienists will have numerous opportunities for growth in the coming years. As you get your career underway, here’s what you need to know about the future of dental hygienists:  

What Does the Future of Dental Hygienists Look Like?

Many types of employment options

If you’re looking for a healthcare career with flexibility, dental hygienist positions offer just that. Dental hygienists have many options for employment, including part-time, temporary, and permanent positions. With the ability to choose your hours, a job as a dental hygienist is often ideal for somebody with young children or an elderly parent requiring care. The work-life balance afforded to dental hygienists is expected to remain one of the most appealing benefits of this career choice. 

Emphasis on advanced education

There’s been mounting emphasis on education for dental hygienists, especially as more emerging professionals enter the field. In addition to certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degrees, there are now master’s and doctorate degrees offered in dental hygiene. Dental hygienists with advanced education will continue to have a broader range of career opportunities and higher earning potential. The most competitive hygienists will be those with a specialized area of expertise, such as orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery.  

Opportunities in various employment settings

As the dental industry expands, there will be a growing need for dental hygienists to work in a variety of capacities. Dental hygienists are needed in many arenas, including nursing homes, hospitals, private dental practices, clinics, and prison facilities. Additionally, dental hygienists can apply their knowledge and skills in many non-conventional settings, such as corporate dental offices, public health programs, academia, and entrepreneurship.  

If you’re exploring different career paths in the dental field, keep in mind that the future of dental hygienists is bright! By educating yourself on everything this career avenue has to offer, you can feel confident about making the move as a dental hygienist.  

Are You a Dental Hygienist Looking For Work?

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