What is Per Diem Staffing?

What is Per Diem Staffing? | The AGA Group

As staffing demands in the healthcare field continue rising, employers must be more proactive in preventing burnout of full-time staff and maintaining adequate patient care. If you’re involved in hiring at a healthcare facility, there are many reasons to pursue per diem staffing. As an employer, here’s what you need to know about per diem staffing: 

What Exactly is Per Diem Staffing?

What is per diem staffing?

Per diem medical staffing – which means “per day” staffing – consists of fast, flexible, and cost-effective staffing solutions that allow facilities to meet short-term staffing needs on an ongoing basis. Per diem staffing enables facilities to cut costs and maintain operational efficiencies, eliminating the need to recruit and hire full-time, permanent medical providers. Per diem staffing solutions can be utilized in a variety of medical settings, from small clinics to large hospitals.  

How can per diem staffing help?

Per diem staffing serves a variety of useful functions for dental employers. Offering short-term staffing solutions, per diem staffing helps dental practices maintain a high quality of patient care even in the midst of staffing shortages. Per diem staffing solutions are often implemented for a variety of matters, including last-minute shift cancellations, staff vacations; illness; and unexpected patient volume surges. Additionally, there are many types of unique circumstances in which per diem staffing may be used, including natural disasters, pandemics; medical emergencies; and local accidents.  

Why hire per diem medical professionals for your facility?

There are a multitude of reasons to hire per diem medical professionals for your facility. Per diem medical professionals can serve a variety of roles to address facility shortages and support full-time staff. Some of the benefits offered by per diem professionals include filling roles for absent employees during busy periods; eliminating costs of hiring permanent staff; providing necessary medical expertise as needed; and meeting short-term medical demands.  

As outlined above, per diem staffing serves a variety of functions for all types of staffing challenges. By exploring the benefits of per diem staffing for your facility, you can reverse poor staff retention, increase patient satisfaction, and improve every facet of your operations.  

Does Your Facility Need Employees?

Is your dental practice or facility in need of per diem medical professionals? Contact The AGA Group, a top dental staffing firm based in Kanas City, and learn how our per diem staffing solutions can help.  


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