The AGA Group™ IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity approach enables your organization to create processes based on recovery strategy dictated by the organization. The AGA Group™, you will get a partner with the expertise and standardized processes you can rely on in the event of a disaster.

  • Feel confident in your ability to recover critical business information, meeting the tight RPO and RTO SLAs the business requires.
  • When you partner with The AGA Group™,  your disaster recovery plan is ready to be enacted the moment you need it, in order to get your business back up and running quickly.
  • The AGA Group™ provides a comprehensive disaster recovery program that leverages both cloud-based and traditional offsite media storage components
  • We will help build and test a customized disaster response program to give you confidence in the ability to recover critical business information.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services (C-DR)

The AGA Group™ Cloud Disaster Recovery Service, you’ll receive:

  • Guaranteed recovery times, that are backed with Service Level Agreement (SLA) options based on your organization’s needs.
  • DR specialists who manage the planning, testing, and, if disaster strikes, the execution of your DR processes — all you need is a computer and Internet connection to remotely access your recovered systems and data.
  • Proactively fail over your systems to the cloud and gain quick, remote access to them. If disaster strikes, your critical systems are recovered.

Disaster Recovery Support Services

Ensuring your organization can recover from a disaster requires a plan. Ensure your plan works and will secure your information for the future of your business. Having a plan of recovery is a great way to prepare. But that plan needs to be reviewed, tested, evaluated and refined and implemented within your business to ensure it will work when the time comes.

The AGA Group™ Disaster Recovery Support service provides the expertise and knowledge to develop and test DR plans, giving you confidence that the business is protected and able to get back up and running in the event of an unplanned disruption or full-scale disaster.

Our Disaster Recovery Support experts can:

  • Help your organization explore different disaster scenarios and the implications each can have on your business and your customers
  • Run through real-world testing, define a set of priority data and media

Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

The AGA Group™ Disaster Recovery Consulting service can give you the confidence that your DR plan will function as intended, keeping your information protected and getting you back up and running fast. With our Recovery Consulting Services, you can test and assess your plan and then make modifications based on the advice of our Business Continuity team. You will learn the steps needed to be taken in order to ensure that your plans are going to be effective in returning your organization to complete the operation quickly and with minimal data loss.


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