Job Interview Tip: The Importance of Rehearsing  

Job Interview Tip: The Importance of Rehearsing  | The AGA Group

Are you getting ready for upcoming job interviews? While you may be feeling confident in your ability as an interviewer, it never hurts to brush up on your interview skills with some practice. Job interview rehearsing is one of the most effective ways to fully prepare for an interview so you can perform your best and make a rock star first impression. Check out these top three interview rehearsal tips: 

Why Rehearsing for an Interview is Important

Record yourself practicing

As you practice responding to potential interview questions, recording yourself can be a powerful way to gauge your performance and see how well you articulate responses. By setting up a webcam, video camera, or smartphone, you can easily record yourself speaking. Watching your performance will allow you to evaluate not just your verbal communication, but your non-verbal communication skills. This can be very eye-opening for job candidates who often don’t realize habits that may be affecting their interview performance, such as fidgeting, lack of eye contact, or speaking too quickly.  

Dress the part

Though it may not seem necessary to dress up while rehearsing in your living room, dressing for the part is essential for a realistic interview rehearsal. Dressing up in attire that you’d wear to an interview will put you in the right headspace, helping you feel confident and professional. In addition, it will also force you to choose an appropriate outfit well in advance of your scheduled interview, so you aren’t scrambling to pick out clothes at the last minute.  

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from a trusted friend or family member during or after your rehearsal will give you a valuable, third-party perspective about your performance. Furthermore, opening yourself up to constructive criticism will help you make positive changes to your interview techniques and overall style, such as adjusting your body language or verbal communication.  

By implementing these rehearsal tips, you’ll set the stage for a successful interview that ultimately lands you the job of your dreams! 

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