Are You Conducting STAR-based Interviews? 

Are You Conducting STAR-based Interviews? | The AGA Group

Have you ever heard of the STAR interview method? The STAR method is a behavioral-based interview technique in which interviewees have an opportunity to discuss their experience handling a specific situation, task, action, and end result. There are many benefits of STAR-based interviews for both employers and candidates, especially as companies are increasingly aiming to improve hiring outcomes and enhance morale within their organizations. Here’s a breakdown of the STAR-based method as it pertains to both employers and candidates.

Are you Conducting STAR-based Interviews?


By getting a sense of how a candidate responds to a situation, better decisions can be made regarding talent development. As employers are increasingly seeking candidates with more than basic qualifications, it’s become paramount to evaluate individuals for their soft skills and professionalism. Employers can adhere to the STAR-based method by asking behavioral-focused questions that implore candidates to discuss in detail how they handled a former work situation or challenge.  


Candidates can use the STAR method to improve interview performance and support their qualifications. This involves answering a question in the format of describing a “situation,” proceeded by describing the specific “task” and “action” taken to address or handle the situation effectively. Lastly, the candidate would discuss the “result” of the situation in terms of what was successful or what they learned from the experience. Candidates who master the STAR method when answering questions tend to make a compelling impression on employers, as they provide a more personalized narrative around their experience and credentials.  

Key takeaways

As an employer, utilizing the STAR interview method in your questioning can allow for more effective screening of potential employees as you evaluate their ability to work well within your organization’s culture. As a candidate, using the STAR method for answering interview questions can shed light on your emotional intelligence and ability to work with others. When used by both parties, the STAR method can be instrumental in achieving positive hiring outcomes that yield long-term staff retention and job satisfaction.  

While there are many interview techniques, the STAR-based method is often key for helping both companies and candidates connect on a deeper level and learn more about each other. Utilizing this unique method can be a game-changer for both companies and employees alike!  

Are You Ready to Conduct STAR-Based Interviews?

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