Is Your Potential Candidate Reliable?  

Is Your Potential Candidate Reliable?  | The AGA Group

Has it been an ongoing struggle to hire candidates who are reliable and willing to go the extra mile? With employee turnover being a major issue in the dental field, employers must be increasingly focused on finding candidates who are both dependable and professional. However, gauging reliability in potential candidates is not always easy, especially if you’re in the midst of interviewing multiple candidates at once. Here are some tips for how to find reliable candidates during the hiring process:  

How Do You Know If Your Candidate is Reliable?

Assess their long-term goals.

Candidates who are goal-oriented are typically more focused on the trajectory of their career growth. By asking candidates about their long-term goals, you can get a sense of their interest in your practice and how they would evolve with your team over the months and years to come. If a candidate fails to articulate professional goals, this could be a sign they aren’t equipped to thrive within your dental care practice for any meaningful duration of time. 

Discuss work-life balance.

The way in which a candidate balances their work life with their personal life says a lot about the way in which they approach their jobs. Even when unexpected things come up, reliable candidates prioritize their time in a way that allows them to be successful. A candidate’s approach to work-life balance can reflect upon many critical skills, including time management, communication, and diligence. Most importantly, a candidate with a work-life balance will have the most potential to excel personally and professionally.  

Ask about their work history.

Assessing candidates’ work history is an essential part of determining their commitment and dedication to their jobs. In addition to reviewing a candidate’s past employment on their resume, be sure to inquire with them about how they’ve handled previous challenges or obstacles in the workplace. For example, you can ask them how they approached a high-pressure situation or interpersonal conflict. Reliable candidates generally take responsibility for their roles in situations and demonstrate assertiveness to work with others on resolving issues. Candidates who fail to articulate these behaviors may not possess the reliability needed to thrive in your work environment. 

Making reliability a top priority in evaluating candidates is essential for hiring and retaining the right talent who will make positive contributions to your dental care practice.  

Are You Hiring Reliable Candidates?

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