Three Top Trends in the Dental Industry in 2022 

Three Top Trends in the Dental Industry in 2022 | The AGA Group

The healthcare industry continues to change at the speed of light and the dental field is no exception. As many new developments take shape, dental professionals must proactively keep up with the latest trends so they can successfully manage their practices and provide the best care to patients. Check out three of this year’s top trends in the dental industry: 

What Are The Top Trends in the Dental Industry This Year?

Emotional dentistry

One of the newest trends to emerge is emotional dentistry which is very connected to cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry. This is the concept of helping patients achieve their desired appearance through dental work. From crooked teeth to a deformed jaw, there are numerous treatments that aim to give patients a smile that will boost their self-confidence and transform their perceptions of themselves. Practices that focus on the emotional side of dentistry can significantly improve patients’ quality of life.  

Consolidated practices

While solo practices have been very prevalent over the decades, consolidated practices are becoming mainstream across the dental field. This is due to a variety of reasons, including mounting student loan debt, as well as high overhead costs to run and manage independent practices. Many new dental professionals have discovered that joining a large group practice is a more affordable and fulfilling option.  


The telehealth model has made its mark in the dentistry field, as dentists are increasingly providing care virtually to patients who may not have the means to receive in-person consultations. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, teledentistry has especially risen in popularity in rural areas where many Americans lack access to proper care. With regard to diagnosing cavities and providing treatment plans, teledentistry has become an effective and highly regarded model of care.  

Being prepared to navigate these trends will position you and your practice for greater success, especially as industry standards and practices continue to change.  

Are You Following Any of These Current Trends?

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