Why a 401(k) is Important  

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Are you a dental professional considering different employment options? While salary may be a top priority, there are other factors to think about when choosing a job and employer. In particular, a traditional 401(k) plan is a very important part of any benefits package, as it will help you achieve your retirement goals and save for the future. There are many benefits of pursuing employers offering a 401(k) benefit, especially if you’re just starting your career. Here are three of the many benefits: 

What Are The Benefits of Having a 401(k), and Why Is It Important to Have One? 

Tax advantages

Because all contributions made to a 401(k) are pre-taxed, your total taxable income will be reduced, resulting in less owed on your federal taxes. The tax deduction is very appealing, especially for dentists earning a high salary. In some cases, the tax deduction can put you in a lower tax bracket. Additionally, many healthcare employers offer a 401(k) match, in which they’ll match the amount you contribute. With this option, you’ll essentially be receiving free money for your retirement account. 

Easily transferable

One of the best parts about a 401(k) is that all the money contributed to your account belongs to you and is easily transferable. In the event that you leave an employer for another job, you’ll be able to either keep your existing plan or move it somewhere else without incurring any taxes or penalties. The transfer process with a new employer is very simple, as you will not have to worry about tracking performance or monitoring multiple accounts.  

Easy payroll deductions.

Even though retirement may feel like ions away, consistently saving at a young age is the only way to build a significant retirement savings. A 401(k) allows you to make automatic contributions to your account directly from your paycheck, making the process simple and efficient. Automizing this process will allow you to make monthly contributions each month without having to budget or facilitate the transactions yourself.  

Educating yourself about the benefits of a traditional 401(k) is the first step to finding a job that provides a comprehensive benefits package.  

Do You Have a 401(K) Plan Set Up Yet?

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