Benefits You Should Offer Employees at Your Dental Practice

Benefits You Should Offer Employees at Your Dental Practice | The AGA Group

Are you focused on finding the best candidates on the market? From sourcing talent to retaining your best staff, going beyond salaries by offering competitive benefits packages can positively impact your hiring and retention efforts. If you own or manage a dental practice, here are three of the top benefits to consider offering employees:

What Benefits Should You Offer Employees?

Health insurance.

With health insurance being one of the biggest expenses for most individuals, this is easily one of the most important benefits you can offer employees. Comprehensive healthcare insurance plans that include additional wellness benefits (such as supplemental policies that cover vision or dental procedures) are sought after by many candidates in today’s workforce – especially as health costs have risen substantially in recent years.

Personal leave and PTO.

Dental practices that offer ample paid time off tend to have an edge in attracting and retaining more candidates. With work-life balance becoming an increasing priority among dental professionals, offering a competitive paid time off policy and vacation benefits package will show you value your employees’ needs outside of the workplace. There are many types of paid leave (sick days, bereavement, vacation, and more), so it’s important to formulate a plan that allows employees to fully maximize this benefit over time.


As demands of employees become greater at work and home, a flextime policy can make a major difference in staff retention. Because it’s difficult to offer remote work options for dental staff, flextime allows employees to add some flexibility to their schedules, such as working preferred shifts or days of the week. While full flexibility is not always feasible, structuring a flextime policy that makes scheduling less rigid will prove to be an appealing benefit for most staff.

By offering these benefits, you can position your dental practice as a top employer to the most qualified candidates on the market.

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