Beyond the Practice: Non-Traditional Career Paths in Dentistry

Beyond the Practice: Non-Traditional Career Paths in Dentistry | The AGA Group

Are you pursuing a dental career but feel as though a standard dental practice setting isn’t the best fit for you? It may surprise you that there are many types of professional opportunities that allow dental professionals to embark on non-traditional career paths in the field. As you explore different avenues, here are some non-traditional career paths in the dentistry field:

What Non-Traditional Career Paths in Dentistry Are There?


Dental professionals are increasingly entering the world of academia which affords the opportunity to be part of research and contribute to the latest developments in the industry. There are many dental specialties in academia in which you may choose to focus your research, along with countless teaching opportunities at world-renowned universities across the U.S. From governmental organizations to educational institutions, you can play a major role in educating the future generation of dentists.

Corporate positions.

If you’re a dental professional with a strong business acumen, you may find a corporate role in the industry to be very appealing. Once you’ve gained some experience in a dental job, you can apply your knowledge in a variety of corporate settings, such as product manufacturing facilities; insurance companies; and a variety of healthcare service organizations. Depending on your background and interests, there are many jobs that may be aligned with your credentials and career goals.

Public health and public policy.

There are many opportunities in the public health sector for dental professionals who have a vested interest in educating the public about dental health and wellness. Dental public health jobs exist in a multitude of capacities, such as research-based positions; policy-making and education for universities; local health districts; government agencies; and international health organizations.

These are just a few of the non-traditional dental career paths that may pique your interest. What’s most important is that you find a rewarding role that’s most aligned with your personal and professional aspirations.

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