Tips for Managing Infection Control at Your Office

Tips for Managing Infection Control at Your Office | The AGA Group

If you own or manage a dental practice, you’re probably focused on creating a healthy and safe environment for everyone who enters your office. Implementing infection control policies is essential for ensuring both personnel and patients feel safe and comfortable working and being treated at your office. Here are some of our best tips for effectively managing infection control at your dental practice:

How Can You Manage Infection Control at Your Office?

Establish strict cleaning protocols.

As you strive to provide a healthy and productive medical environment, cleaning and sanitization should be among one of your practice’s top priorities. Establishing strict cleaning and sanitation protocols ensures that infection control procedures are being enforced to prevent the spread of diseases and provide a safe environment for everyone. This should include guidelines for the cleaning of dental furniture, supplies, and equipment, as well as all rooms and bathrooms at your facility.

Implement required training.

Educating your team about the importance of infection control is critical for the ongoing management of your office. The CDC offers many informative training courses that can increase the knowledge and abilities of your dental staff regarding infection control practices and procedures. By implementing the required training, your staff will learn about all CDC guidelines related to infection prevention within a dental care setting.

Promote proper hand hygiene.

With as much as 80 percent of infections spread by hands, it’s important to promote hand hygiene among patients and staff within your dental office as much as possible. Signage in waiting rooms, bathrooms, and dental rooms can serve as useful reminders to sanitize or wash hands when entering or exiting areas within your facility. Regular communication about hand hygiene can be one of the most powerful defenses against infection.

As a dental employer, adhering to infection control practices will demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of health and safety for both your staff and patients.

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