The Dental Hygienists Shortage Is Real

Dental Hygiene Director examines patient

Are you struggling to find qualified dental hygienists to join your team? You’re not alone. In today’s competitive job market, it can be a challenge to attract and retain top talent. Fortunately, The AGA Group Dental Staffing and Recruiting is here to help.

First, let’s take a look at why dental hygienists are in such high demand. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a “slowing” in the industry, with many hygienists leaving the workforce due to safety concerns. Many dental offices experienced a significant reduction in services due to the drain on PPE. Now that the economy is recovering, practices are seeing a surge in demand for services, but there aren’t enough hygienists to meet it.

The Role Of Covid-19

The COVID-19 survey revealing that 9% of hygienists left the field for the following reasons:

  • Retired early due to the pandemic (24%)
  • Did not feel safe working clinically “at this time” (21%)
  • Laid off or fired due to the pandemic (10%)
  • Employer did not provide PPE or safe work environment (4%)
  • Needed to stay home with children (3%)

Calculating Your Hygiene Demand

So, what can you do to solve the problem? The AGA Group recommends starting by calculating your hygiene demand. How many hygienists do you need to stay fully staffed? Once you have that number, you can start working on creating a culture of trust within your practice to attract new hires.

One way to sweeten the deal for potential hygienists is to offer competitive compensation and benefits. The AGA Group can help you benchmark your pay and benefits to ensure you’re offering a competitive package.

Another important factor in attracting new hires is to develop an onboarding experience that sets them up for success. The AGA Group can help you develop a comprehensive onboarding plan that includes training and mentoring.

Finally, it’s important to get the word out about your practice and the job opportunities you have available. The AGA Group can help you develop a marketing plan to promote your practice and attract top talent.

Don’t let the dental hygiene staffing crisis hold your practice back. Work with The AGA Group to find the solutions you need to thrive.


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