The Dental Hygienist Shortage Is Real

Are you struggling to find qualified dental hygienists to fill open positions at your practice? You’re not alone. The demand for dental hygienists in the Greater Kansas City Area has been rapidly increasing in recent years, but unfortunately, the supply of qualified professionals has not kept up. This shortage has resulted in lost revenue and decreased patient satisfaction for many dental practices in the area.

Reasons for the Shortage of Dental Hygienists

1. Aging Workforce: A significant number of dental hygienists are nearing retirement age, which means that a large number of experienced professionals will be leaving the workforce in the coming years.
2. Limited Education Opportunities: There are only a limited number of dental hygiene programs in the Greater Kansas City Area. This makes it difficult for individuals interested in pursuing a career in dental hygiene to gain the necessary skills and qualifications.
3. Lack of Awareness: Many people are not aware of the opportunities available in the dental hygiene field, which means that there are fewer individuals interested in pursuing this career path.

Solutions to Address the Shortage of Dental Hygienists

1. Increased Education Opportunities: One of the most effective ways to address the shortage of dental hygienists is to increase the number of education opportunities available. This can be done by expanding existing programs and creating new programs to train more individuals in the field.
2. Improved Recruitment Strategies: Dental practices can work with staffing agencies like The AGA Group to improve their recruitment strategies. The AGA Group has 40 years of recruiting expertise and can help dental practices find the right talent to fill their open positions.
3. Increased Awareness: It is important to raise awareness about the opportunities available in the dental hygiene field. This can be done through various marketing and outreach efforts, such as career fairs, social media campaigns, and educational events.


At The AGA Group, we understand the challenges that dental practices in the Greater Kansas City Area face due to the shortage of dental hygienists. However, we believe that by working together and implementing the solutions outlined above, we can overcome this challenge and ensure a steady supply of qualified professionals to meet the growing demand. Our commitment to helping dental practices find the right talent to fill their open positions is unwavering, and we invite you to join us in this effort.


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