How to Impress Your Interviewer in Three Easy Steps

How to Impress Your Interviewer in Three Easy Steps | AGA Group

An interview is often the main gateway to securing a new dental job, providing the opportunity to fully sell yourself as a candidate. Understanding what it takes to impress your interviewer will help you make the most of the entire interview experience, from start to finish. Here are three easy yet effective ways to show your interviewer that you’re the best fit for the position:

How Can You Impress Your Interviewer?

Demonstrate background knowledge about the employer.

Demonstrating that you have knowledge about the employer is key for making a rock star first impression. Taking time to research the dental practice in advance of your interview will allow you to speak intelligently about the organization and articulate how your specific experience and credentials would contribute to the practice. Furthermore, you’ll feel more confident having preliminary knowledge and understanding related to the practice’s culture and overall environment.

Ask meaningful questions.

While your interview responses are important, asking meaningful questions is just as paramount. Before the interview, think about what matters most to you regarding your career. Is it advancement opportunities? Is it the practice’s culture? Are you focused on a positive work-life balance? Depending on your goals and priorities, you can formulate at least two or three questions that show the employer you truly care about your professional future within the context of the practice.

Make yourself memorable.

Your ability to make yourself a memorable candidate is what can ultimately set you apart from other applicants. There are many ways to do this effectively, such as discussing in detail your unique qualifications and how they relate to the position, demonstrating emotional intelligence in your conversational abilities; and thanking the interviewer afterward for their time. Doing all these things combined will show the employer that you have a high degree of professionalism and are taking the opportunity seriously.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to take control of your interview performance and pave the way for interview success moving forward.

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