Certifications that Can Elevate Your Dental Career

Certifications that Can Elevate Your Dental Career | The AGA Group

Are you ready to take your dental career to the next level? There are many certification programs that can help you acquire critical knowledge and skills to make yourself more competitive and marketable in the field. Investing in your professional growth can be one of the most important decisions you make for your future. As you progress in the dental profession, here are some certifications that can elevate your career:

What Certifications Can Help Elevate Your Dental Career?

Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)

Obtaining the certified dental assistant (CDA) certification can offer many career benefits, including more employment opportunities, greater earning potential, and professional recognition in the industry. This certification can equip you with a wide range of clinical and administrative skills, all aimed at improving your confidence and abilities on the job. Some of the topics covered in this certification program include dental anatomy and terminology, patient care procedures, and dental radiology and infection control. To qualify for this certification, you must have completed an accredited dental assisting program or have a high school diploma with at least 3,500 hours as a dental assistant.

Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

As the most advanced type of dental assistant, registered dental assistants (RDAs) must complete a board-approved dental assisting program and pass a national board exam. Unlike a CDA, RDAs are certified to perform many more dental procedures, such as diagnosing oral conditions, adjusting temporary restorations, and adjusting removable appliances. By obtaining your RDA certification, you’ll have more opportunities for advancement in the dental industry, as well as earn competitive pay throughout your career.

Certified Dental Technician (CDT)

While it’s a lengthy process to become a certified dental technician (CDT), this designation can position you for incredible success in the dental industry! The CDT certification program covers many aspects of dental technology, including ceramics, complete dentures, crowns and bridges, digital workflow, implants, orthodontics, and partial dentures. To qualify for this program, you must have at least a high school diploma and a combination of five years of relevant experience or training. Obtaining the CDT certification can help you achieve higher salaries, greater career advancement, and more opportunities at various dental facilities.

By pursuing one of the above certifications, you can significantly accelerate your dental career while expanding your skillset.

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