Feeling Drained? Three Ways to Prevent Burnout as a Dental Hygienist

Feeling Drained? Three Ways to Prevent Burnout as a Dental Hygienist | The AGA Group

Though it’s only the beginning of the year, many dental hygienists are already feeling overworked and ready to reach their breaking points. Being a dental hygienist can be physically and mentally taxing, especially if you work in a full-time capacity. If you’re feeling drained and ready to quit, here are three ways to prevent burnout:

How Can You Prevent Burnout as a Dental Hygienist?

Take time off.

There’s no award for not taking time off from your job, especially if you can’t remember the last time you’ve taken a vacation! Taking some meaningful time away from work can help you recharge and feel refreshed when you return. This will improve your mental clarity and ultimately improve your focus on the job, allowing you to provide better patient care while feeling your best. Whether it’s a full week or just a couple days, be sure to make time occasionally to decompress away from your job.

Make an effort to disconnect.

While we are all naturally very connected to our cell phones and social media, it’s important to disconnect from our screens sometimes. If you constantly feel compelled to check your email accounts, social media newsfeeds, and text messages, you may very well be contributing to your stress levels. Constantly being on your phone or computer can make you feel anxious and out of control. Making an effort to disconnect from your screen time – even if it’s a just during your lunch break or in the evening before bedtime – can help you re-center yourself and feel more at peace.

Communicate with your boss.

If you’re always feeling burned out or overly exhausted from work, it’s time to evaluate the stressors at your job. Communicating grievances with your boss – such as working long hours or having no scheduling flexibility – is the first step to reducing burnout and achieving greater job satisfaction. Hopefully, your boss will be willing to discuss your concerns and explore some possible solutions. If this isn’t the case, you may want to start considering employment elsewhere.

With these tips, you can combat feelings of burnout while improving your health and mental clarity on the job.

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